About Us

Gawad Kalinga Australia is the local arm of GK. While continuing to represent and support the movement of GK in the Philippines, GKA aims to foster the GK model of community development in Australia and hopes to explore the relevance of this model to disadvantaged groups here.

Our Mission & Vision

Gawad Kalinga meaning ‘to give care’ is based on the values of giving care to people from all backgrounds, beliefs and places through the relationships that are built through volunteers working with impoverished beneficiary communities.

Our Story

In 1995, Tony Meloto, a Filipino then on a mission trip in Melbourne, resolved to return to his homeland and dedicate his life to helping the poor. Since then, he and many tens of thousands of volunteers from the Philippines and around the world have built the international anti-poverty movement, Gawad Kalinga.

It rests on the belief that it is possible to change the world through relationships that give genuine expression to values of caring and sharing. As a movement, its task is to create the bridges that allow those relationships to flourish. Gawad Kalinga, or ‘GK’, has fostered a massive transformation of slums into peaceful and productive communities in the Philippines through the efforts of its volunteers and the engagement in partnership of all sectors of society; corporations, governments, individuals, religious and civic organisations, NGOs, rebel leaders and the military.