GK Australia Directors​

GK Australia believes that aspects of the GK template may offer a path for marginalised communities in Australia to escape welfare dependence and afflictions such as substance abuse.​

Dan Requejo Bercasio


“With a history of strategic vision and proven leadership, Dan Requejo Bercasio assumes the role of Chairman. Dan’s commitment to excellence and innovative thinking positions him as a driving force behind GKA’s continued growth and evolution.”

Marisa Vedar


“She is one of the pioneers of the Organisation and heads of Victoria. Marisa has been a community leader in Australia since 2010 and was awarded a Victorian Honour Roll for women in 2021 for the leadership role in the category of Emergency Response. Marisa has various leadership position in numerous organisation.”

Louise Davies


“Passionate about GK and improving the lives of the poor. She is currently the Secretary and Board Director of GK Australia (GKA) and was one of the founding Director of GKA.

Jazmine Flores​


“Jazmine’s passion for social justice and her commitment to making a positive impact on the world have earned her a reputation as a leader in the community development sector. With her innovative ideas, strategic thinking, and unwavering determination, Jazmine is helping to shape a brighter future for communities in need and demonstrating what is possible when we work together to create positive change.” 

Imee Banzon-Anciano​


“Promoting and uplifting the dignity, well-being, and collective capacity of communities to thrive and serve together towards social transformation centred on inclusivity, fairness, and sustainability.”

Cecilia Concepcion​

Director (WA)

“Cecilia has been supporting the mission of the Gawad Kalinga movement since 2007, through fundraising and information programs in Western Australia, building upon the antecedent GK777 goals. Whilst strongly sustaining a donation platform for basic needs programs and calamities response, GK Australia in Perth will be aiming to bridge the economic and social partnerships between GK and WA groups for Philippine countryside development, in keeping with GK’s overarching thrusts for hunger and poverty alleviation beyond 2024.”

Bernadette Cortes

Director (VIC)

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Curtis Alejo

Director (NSW)​

“A Project Management Engineer by profession, he passionately leads NSW’s efforts to contribute to the mission of caring and sharing for the poorest of the poor. GKA’s formidable “bayani challenge pioneer” since 2017.”

Cecilia Calingasan

Director (VIC)​

“Cecile Calingasan has been dedicated to volunteering with GK Australia since 2012. Over the past decade, she has actively participated in a diverse range of activities and assumed various roles within GKA. Her commitment is evident in her organization of fundraising events aimed at supporting GK projects in the Philippines. Recently, she has further demonstrated her passion and leadership by joining the board of GKA.”

Patricia Gutierrez

Director (VIC)​

“One of our staunchest GK advocates in the Land Down Under, Tita Patsy as she is fondly called, started off with GK Australia in 2010 and has since exemplified passion, affection and charm typical of an Ilongga. She is consistently present and dependably resourceful at fundraisers for various GK programs. Adding a few other feathers to her cap, comes her active involvement with the Ilonggo Association in Melbourne and the Filipino Broadcasting Group. This Director from Melbourne surely spells the heart of GKA – caring, results-driven and empowered.”

Luis Oquinena

Director (Philippines)​

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