Gawad Kalinga meaning ‘to give care’ is based on the values of giving care to people from all backgrounds, beliefs and places through the relationships that are built through volunteers working with impoverished beneficiary communities.

GKA’s mission is to address the needs of the most disadvantaged, in a spirit of fraternity, care and genuine relationship – both in Developing Countries and in Australian society.


This will:

  • Break the cycle of poverty and enable the full acknowledgement and expression of the human dignity of persons living in poverty and exclusion and their communities, and to enable them to enjoy their fundamental human rights, including their rights to adequate health, food, housing, land, education, livelihood, participation, freedom from discrimination and equality; and
  • Foster safe and nurturing communities that demonstrate empowering relationships at all levels and are equipped to respond to crises, both natural and man-made, overcome disputes and transform social problems within and between communities.